From September 3, 2012, Bruce Dowton assumes the role of Vice Chancellor and President of Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Enquiries regarding Dowton Consulting International, Inc. may still be directed towards and will receive a prompt response.

High-value strategic planning and advisory services for the healthcare and higher education sectors.

Drawing upon deep experience from senior leadership roles within organizations and engagements as independent advisors and strategists, we work collaboratively with clients in the pursuit of innovation and excellence.


Innovative, sustainable outcomes.

Institutions and clients working with Dowton Consulting International have achieved innovative results and sustainable outcomes including implementable plans for new programs, improved governance structures, result-oriented organizational designs, enhanced leadership performance and measurably improved productivity.

Core Services:

Develop and align strategy with today’s complex realities

  • clarifying vision, values, opportunity and desired outcomes
  • thoroughly exploring internal strengths and aspirations
  • analyzing culture, context and competition
  • proposing a concrete plan or planning process
  • providing expertise to developers and investors without experience in healthcare and higher education

Plan and support change initiatives

  • developing detailed and measurable implementation plans with key milestones and risk mitigation strategies
  • support operations management through performance improvement initiatives

Review performance and guide improvement plans

  • evaluating entire institutions or units within to chart a path to sustainable improvement and excellence
  • understanding the issues and co-developing the plan
  • tracking and support during implementation

Develop leaders through educational programs, coaching, and mentoring

  • delivering tailored workshops and facilitating retreats
  • personalized and targeted coaching for leaders

Improve institutional governance and guide organizational design

  • working with boards and leaders to refine governance processes and structures
  • co-developing organizational structures and staffing plans to
    improve performance and efficiency


Each organization is unique.

We have worked in the following sectors over a sustained period of time and each sector and setting brings its own history and context:

  • Higher Education
  • Healthcare
  • Academic Medical Centers
  • Biomedical and Health Systems
  • Research Organizations
  • Government agencies addressing healthcare and higher education
  • Developers and investors interested in higher education and healthcare
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility Divisions of major corporations


Real global experience and insight.

Drawing on an extensive network of experts and consultants,
our organization is led by S. Bruce Dowton.

Bruce Dowton is widely recognized
for his work as:

A seasoned international medical / healthcare executive;

An innovator in healthcare and education;

A leader in managing change and the planning / development of new initiatives;

A globalist in understanding cultures and interpreting complexity;

A mentor in developing teams for high performance project execution;

A strategic advisor for organizations and project governance / development.

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  • Advisory assignments around the world to launch or improve academic and healthcare institutions
  • Enhancing health system / hospital / university / medical school interfaces
  • Leading educational innovation and renewal in universities
  • Improving institutional governance—e.g. initiative between the Office of the President of a US public university and its multiple constituent academic medical campuses
  • Leading large scale complex initiatives—e.g. developing a national chronic disease strategy in North Africa for a Fortune 500 company’s philanthropy program
  • Guiding creation of new organizations—e.g. establishing a new entity to oversee graduate medical education across a complex healthcare system
  • Converging disparate interests around a common goal—e.g. establishing co-ordinated institutional regulatory oversight of graduate medical education inside an academic medical center
  • Promoting targeted growth initiatives—e.g. doubling research income of an elite medical school
  • Improving performance in clinical care, education and research—e.g. leading a pediatric clinical division to excel in clinical care, diagnostic laboratories, research, education and advocacy
  • Influencing national policy—e.g. implementing large scale innovations in rural medical education; developing curricula in indigenous health


We’re located in Boston, Massachusetts
but we frequent many places and time zones.

The best way to contact us is by emailing